Online RN to BSN Program

California Career College is proud to offer our online Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. This is a comprehensive program designed to empower Registered Nurses with the knowledge and skills needed to advance their careers by earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, allowing nurses to provide quality patient care at a higher level. Our comprehensive 11-month program offers the flexibility and convenience of online learning, allowing busy nursing professionals to pursue their bachelor’s degrees while balancing work and personal commitments.

Course Details:

The Online RN to BSN Program at California Career College includes a range of courses specifically designed to deepen your understanding of the nursing profession and advance your knowledge in key areas. Some of the courses you will undertake during the program include:

PHI 3200 Ethics in Health Professions (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
SCI 300 Human Nutrition (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 310 Math for Safe Medication (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 320 Pathophysiology (9.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 330 Physical Examination & Health Assessment (9.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 340 Health Informatics (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 350 Issues and Trends in Contemporary Nursing (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 360 Population-Based (Community/Public Health) Nursing (6.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 370 Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice (6.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 380 Gerontology Nursing for RN (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 390 Leadership & Management in Nursing (5.0 Quarter Credit Hours)
NSG 400 Capstone (10.0 Quarter Credit Hours)

How to apply:

If you are a registered nurse seeking to advance your career and make a positive impact in the healthcare field, our online RN to BSN program at California Career College offers the perfect opportunity. Explore our website to learn more about the program, admission requirements, and how to apply. Take the next step towards achieving your professional goals with California Career College.

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Program Overview

Our online RN to BSN course is built to meet the unique needs of registered nurses who have already obtained an associate degree or diploma in nursing and are looking to expand their knowledge and career opportunities. This program is designed to enhance your clinical expertise, critical thinking abilities, leadership skills, and overall professionalism.

Duration: 11 months

Type of program: Online

Admission requirements: Registered nurse license and an associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited institution.

Prerequisites: None required.

Transfer of Credits: None.